March for Science on May 4, 2019 in NYC & around the world

Dear Science Marchers,

It’s time to march again. Over the last two years, our grassroots people-powered movement has organized 1,000 events and mobilized millions for science and justice. We can’t stop now! Our leaders continue to delay climate action. Science continues to be sidelined at our federal agencies. Healthcare and education continue to be neglected. We need to keep making our voices heard.


Please join us at 11 am, May 4 in Foley Square, New York City for our flagship march, hosted by the March for Science NYC team.

Why New York? NYC is a critical place to amplify our collective global message because it’s one of the most diverse cities in the world, has recently been impacted by a climate disaster, and is the home of the United Nations.


Can’t make it to New York? Grassroots organizers are holding marches in around 100 locations all around the world. Please join a satellite march near you. (Please note that there will be NO march in Washington DC this year as the US national team takes this time to continue building needed movement infrastructure)

If a march doesn’t currently exist near you, we encourage you to organize one! Please sign up here, read these tips, and get in touch ( if you need any help. Promote the march on social media by sharing the NYC and global Facebook event pages and on Twitter, use the hashtags #MarchforScience #May4Science and tag @ScienceMarchDC in your posts.

We need a Green New Deal. We need healthcare and education for all. We need science and justice. There’s no time to waste. We need to do whatever it takes. May the facts be with you!

(Photos by Alena Dubavaya/Sarah Brooks, Gentry Lee, @TheSWU)

How you can help:

  1. Join a march near you on May 4
  2. Promote the march on social media
  3. Donate to March for Science
  4. Subscribe to our email for updates