Our Mission - March For Science

Our Mission

To mobilize advocates around the world in support of evidence-based, science-informed public policies.

We are a global community of scientists, science advocates, teachers, students, workers, parents, and youth building a mass movement for science and a more sustainable, just world.

Our Values

"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated."
- Rosalind Franklin

We believe that the tools and benefits of science should be used for the common good

We advocate the application of science that strengthens human rights, addresses injustices, and improves conditions for all species to thrive.

We hold science institutions accountable

We recognize that science can be exploited to perpetuate harms and reinforce oppression. We are committed to challenging power structures within science communities that cause harm.

We value initiative, autonomy, and decentralization

We all need to be creative, daring, and courageous to bring about transformative change and challenge power. We ask for advice — not permission. We support a variety of tactics. We emphasize and facilitate bottom-up organizing. We strive to be an inclusive movement with diverse leadership.

We build just relationships

We treat each other with fairness and respect; uphold principles of non-violence; and listen to each other to reflect, learn, and construct shared understandings. We recognize that we can’t build a better world without building a better movement, which begins with improving our relationships with ourselves and each other.

We support and amplify the leadership of the most impacted

We work to ensure that the voices of people hit the hardest are heard. We realize how privilege works and strive to dismantle hierarchies of power while intentionally constructing spaces for more equitable participation in movement work.

We actively work and reinforce other movements for change

We understand that science does not operate in a vacuum and is inherently connected with and influences many issues in society. To build a future where we all share the benefits of science, we must work purposefully and in solidarity with ally movements working toward social justice.

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