Third Annual March for Science Draws Crowds in New York and Over 150 Locations Around The World

March for Science, a global movement for science and justice, held its third annual global day of action on May 4, 2019. Over 150 locations on all 7 continents participated, including Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, India, Philippines, China, Australia & Antarctica.

The flagship march was held in New York City, starting with a rally in Foley Square. The kick-off rally featured an all-women line up keynote speakers where marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, #MeTooSTEM founder Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin, Youth Climate Strike leader Alexandria Villasenor, and Sunrise movement leader Aracely Jimenez.

“I have a lot of qualms about marching for science because science has left so many behind… so I’m not marching for science – I’m marching for scientists,” Dr. McLaughlin told the crowd to highlight the importance of fighting harassment in science.

“Activists need scientists. We need science for climate policy. And scientists are pretty awesome and funny people. Thanks to science, the youth will not be stopped,” said Alexandria Villasenor.

Over 2,000 activists marched through the streets of Lower Manhattan, using chants such as “Climate change is real/We need a Green New Deal,” and “Science not silence!”

The New York march concluded at Pace University with a science-activism expo, connecting marchers with organizations and speakers to help attendees engage in advocacy long term.


March for Science around the world

Xiamen, China joined the global March for Science to advocate for cleaner, healthier & more environmentally cities.

Photo: Franz Gatzweiler

The Phillipines marched for the preservation of their reefs and forests.

Photo: Scientia

Tamale, Ghana marched to highlight the effects of climate change and for food and water security.

Photo: Alliance for Science Ghana

Scientists and locals marched through Kibale rainforest in Uganda.

Photo: Stephanie Fox

A dozen cities in Germany, including Göttingen, marched for Open Science and against scientific censorship.

Photo: March for Science Germany

Ukranians in Kiev held a march and street performance demanding reform and more support for science from the Ukranian government.

Photo: роман марусенко

Tartu March for Science started from the Estonian Ministry of Science and Education.

Photo: Bioteaduste Üliõpilaste Selts

Several cities in India participated including Hyderabad. They advocated for policies based on science and evidence, not superstition, which has been perpetuated by Modi administration.

Photo: March for Science India

Antarctic scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institut joined the March for Science from the Neumayer station and research ship.

Photo: Alfred Wegener Institut

AWI scientists on a research vessel near Heligoland. For the posters, they used recycled paper with seismic data.

Photo: Alfred Wegener Institut

12 Mexican cities joined the March for Science, protesting austerity measures.

Photo: Ana Sofia Varela

Guatemala participated to advocate for science as a critical field for the development of society.

Photo: Marcha por la Ciencia Guatemala

5 cities in Chile marched for science to protest funding cuts.

Photo: March for Science Chile

A small but passionate march was held in Dillingham, Alaska.

Photo: March for Science Alaska

March for Science in Minnesota highlighted youth organizing and climate change.

Photo: Emma McIntyre