Scientists Join the Global Climate Strike

Over the last year, millions of school climate strikers have been leaving their classrooms every Friday. Young people have woken


As a global community of science advocates, we must speak up and demand an end to the harmful policy of

Third Annual March for Science Draws Crowds in New York and Over 150 Locations Around The World

March for Science, a global movement for science and justice, held its third annual global day of action on May

Brazilian Scientists Mobilize as the Government Freezes Half of the Science Budget

Marcha Pela Ciência in São Paulo, Brazil (Photo: Nicholas Correa) In mid-April, teachers and education workers unions in Brazil called

Marcha por la Ciencia – Guadalajara, México

Two years ago we witnessed the beginning of the March for Science movement and how the rallies spread rapidly throughout

March for Science 2019

Dear Science Marchers, It’s time to march again. Over the last two years, our grassroots people-powered movement has organized 1,000

Marching for Science and Against Bigotry in India

We came to know about the worldwide event (which happened on 22nd April, 2017) quite late. So we could not

Organizing for Science in Denver

I’ve always been drawn to public service. Throughout my formative years, I was involved in food drives, local civics issues,

Malawi is Marching to Support the Victims of Climate Change

Malawi is a charter member of the March for Science — this will be our third year! Our ranks have

Marching for Science for a Better Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with over 181 million people. It is also the 7th in the